Caixin Roundtables

Caixin Media hosts a series of Caixin Roundtables at several multilateral summits and conferences for critical discussions about the Chinese economy and finance. The Caixin Roundtables will bring together top-level decision-makers and opinion leaders to meet in small groups in a nonpolitical environment to candidly discuss how they can affect global issues.

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Caixin Global Webinar - Coronavirus Series

Caixin Global Webinars invite experts to share insights from their respective fields. The Coronavirus Series explores medical, social and economic impacts and implications of the outbreak, helping stakeholders including policy makers, businesses and researchers better understand and combat the virus.

For more information about Caixin Global Webinar - Coronavirus Series, please visit webinar review page and watch the replay. You can also find our Coronavius coverages here.

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Robert Zoellick

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Upcoming events

China Insight, Global Significant

Coming every 1-2 weeks

Caixin Global Webinars invite experts to share insights and practical experience from their respective fields. Participants include business leaders, government officials, finance and consulting professionals and industry experts from more than 20 countries, most of whom work with China. Caixin subscribers can participate directly via Zoom, and the events are livestreamed for the public on YouTube and, with key takeaways published afterwards on Caixin’s media platforms.

Past events


Rebuilding Global Trust

November 12-15, 2020 | Beijing & Singapore

Upholding Caixin’s consistent professional standards, the 11th Caixin Summit is inviting top experts from China and the international community to share their insights into the time and prospects for the future, right with a focus on the theme: Rebuilding Global Trust.


A Dialogue With Stephen A. Schwarzman: What It Takes in a Post-Pandemic World

July 21, 2020 | Zoom livestream

High-end dialogue between Mr. Schwarzman and interviewer Mr. Huang Shan, followed by discussions with Chinese business leaders. Mr. Schwarzman shared reflections and insights on the past, as well as his expectations and outlook for 2020: facing an unprecedented pandemic and economic hardship, what it takes for the world to tackle the global challenges, and how Chinese investors and entrepreneurs should prepare for the changes in the business world yet to come.


Fighting Coronavirus - Policy Analysis and Practical Experiences

June 2, 2020 | Zoom livestream

In today's Caixin Roundtable Live, there is a high-level dialogue between Dr. Jim Yong Kim and Prof. Zhang Wenhong, followed by discussions with public health and economic policy makers, business leader and global audiences. Our speakers share an overview of countries' public health responses, lessons and experiences we've learnt, and the road of resumption.


Fintech and RMB as a Freely Usable Currency

April 17, 2020 | Zoom livestream

Facing a global economic downturn, China is committed to further reforming and opening up its financial sector. In Caixin Roundtable Live, world leading experts share their views on fintech, digital currency and the future of the RMB as a freely usable currency.


The Global Economy: Infection to Recovery

March 17, 2020 | Zoom livestream

The world is set to enter a period of great uncertainty as Covid-19 is still spreading. In Caixin Roundtable Live, world’s leading experts share their views and conduct a dialogue on the global economy.


China & the World in the New Decade

January 21-23, 2020, Davos Platz, Switzerland

Caixin CEO Luncheon Davos will be high-level and small-scale. We will discuss economic outlook and business opportunities amid China-U.S. trade tensions, with a focus on trade, tech and finance. With chief executives, high ranking officials and renowned academics from across the world, we will explore the most important trends and biggest challenges for you to map out direction and strategies for the year ahead.


The Future of Fintech Ecosystem

January 20, 2020, Munich, German

DLD Conference is a global network and the foremost hub for connecting business, creative and social leaders, opinion formers and investors from across the world to explore how the digital age fundamentally changes our life, society and business. The Caixin Roundtable at DLD Conference will feature a panel discussion on the main stage and take a deep dive in the Future of Fintech Ecosystem with global regulators, professionals and practitioners.


Under Pressure: What’s Next for China’s Reform

December 12, 2019, New York

The global economy is being challenged by a “synchronized slowdown”, partly due but not limited to, uncertainties raised by the U.S.-China trade disputes. China’s own growth is also under pressure, as China is rebalancing from an export and manufacturing-driven economy to domestic consumption-led growth, which requires more decisive actions on reforms and opening up its goods and services as well as the financial market. How will the U.S.-China trade tensions reshape the global trade order and global value chain? What lies ahead for China’s financial market opening-up and regulatory changes?


China’s Financial Opening-up amid Sino-Japanese Thaw

November 29, Tokyo, Japan

Built on the success of the Tokyo Roundtable in last May, Caixin Media will co-host a breakfast with the prestigious Japanese think tank - Asia Pacific Initiative. The event will focus on policy making and regulation in economic and financial area, including following topics: the status of economy and finance in China and Japan; China’s financial opening-up; Renminbi internationalization and its impact for businesses; prospect for China-Japan bilateral cooperation.


Tech for Good

November 13, Paris, France

Tech and Digital innovations can help people make more informed decisions, create ways for people to connect, participate, address basic needs for their daily life. In Asia, financial technology has greatly expanded access to financial services, improved the efficiency and quality of financial services, and thus contributes to the inclusive growth and sustainable development of Asian economies. So how can digital innovations such as big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), foster economic growth and sustainable development? How can financial technology enhance financial integration and financial connectivity, and thus improve the social inclusiveness?


Opening up: China and the World

November 7-10, Beijing, China

The 10th Caixin Summit will launch new concepts, connect disparate ideas and provide a unique panorama of a global shared future across continents, industries, fields of research, and thought patterns.


Outlook for Tech and Trade in Asia

September 20, 2019 Singapore

The Roundtable, in partnership with the Singapore Summit, will discuss the prospect of Asia's emerging markets, with a background of global trade tension. With policy makers, business leaders, financial professionals and prominent academics from Asia and beyond, we will zoom in on the region's technology start-ups and explore how tech innovation creates new investment opportunities.


Navigating Global Challenges in the Asian Century

June 30, 2019 Osaka, Japan

What's the prospect of Asia's economic integration? How can Asian emerging economies avoid the middle-income trap? What does the fourth industrial revolution mean for Asia? Ji Weidong, Yoshino Naoyuki, Hoe Ee Khor and Iwashita Tadashi shared insights into the challenges facing Asia in a new global era.

Jun 2019

Building a Shared Future

June 9, 2019 HongKong, China

The annual Caixin Summit Hong Kong is one of Caixin Media's flagship events and is arguably the foremost regional conference on finance and economics. It is widely recognized that the summit has played an essential role in facilitating the economic growth and integration in Asia as well as in promoting its social and cultural progress.

Jun 2019

Identifying Effective Strategies For The Chinese Consumer Market

June 7, 2019 St. Petersburg, Russia

Is China going through a "consumption downgrade?" How might technology reshape business models to reach Chinese consumers? How can synergies between the EAEU and the BRI generate benefit to consumers across the Eurasian economies? Caixin Roundtable at St. Peterburg, hosted by senior editor Li Zengxin, featuring Timur Maksimov and Raymund Chao.

MAY 2019

Fueling Global Growth: Trade, Investment and Financial Cooperation in Asia

May 27, 2019 Tokyo, Japan

How can China and Japan work together to coordinate their infrastructural investments in third-party markets? What kind of technological ecosystem should we seek to achieve in Asia and beyond? In partnership with Boao Forum for Asia and Asia Pacific Initiative, Caixin Roundtable convened Chinese and Japanese dignitaries, featuring Zhou Xiaochuan, Takeshi Niinami, Tadashi Maeda and Hu Xiaolian to explore the common ground between China and Japan.

MAY 2019

Bridging China-European Union Market

May 24, 2019 Madrid, Spain

As China rebalances its economy and opens up further its financial market, the rest of the world is looking at China with more interest and expectation of investment opportunities. Candid, in-depth, and constructive dialogue over China-E.U financial connectivity between Zhou Xiaochuan and Jean-Claude Trichet at Caixin Roundtable Madrid, co-hosted with the prestigious Elcano Royal Institut to weigh in on China's economic openness, China-Europe financial market interconnection, among others.

MAY 2019

Capital For China's Brave New Economy

May 8, 2019 St.Gallen, Switzerland

How is capital being mobilized for innovation in China? What are the factors that will influence China's technological innovation capability from an economic perspective? Caixin hosted two debates at 49th St Gallen Symposium on China's new economy and capital for innovation, with insights from Freeman Shen, Piyush Gupta and Freya Beamish.

APR 2019

Renewing Multilateralism to Face Fresh Challenges

April 13, 2019 Washington D.C., USA

Will China deliver on its promise to open up further its financial market? How can we reinvigorate multilateralism in global financial governance? On the sidelines of the Spring Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the WBG and the IMF, Caixin media and Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) jointly hosted a roundtable in Washington, featuring Jin Liqun, Robert Zoellick and Chen Yulu.

JAN 2019

CEO Luncheon: Resilience and Optimism

January 22, 2019 Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

Trade frictions, wealth disparities, and populist tendency spark a backlash against globalization, making the global environment more unpredictable and difficult to navigate. How does the technological breakthrough modify our societies? This year, Caixin Media hosted three events at Davos discussing on data governing, Asia’s economic prospect and China-U.S. economic relations.


FinTech: Trends and Boundaries

January 20, 2019 Munich, Germany

Financial technologies continue to broaden and diversify globally, changing the way we approach financial services. How will FinTech fit into China's economic transition and an ever-changing global landscape? How will authorities maximize the benefit of financial innovation while addressing the potential risks?

DEC 2018

China-U.S. Economic Relations

December 10, 2018 New York, USA

Under the context of China-U.S trade war, uncertainty has risen significantly in economics, geopolitics and the trend of globalization. The on-going trade conflict is one prominent chapter of this uncertain environment. What’s the future of China-U.S. economic relations in the world system?
The session was developed in partnership with New York Stock Exchange.

DEC 2018

Refining Global Governance: New Challenges, New Responses

December 3, 2019 Buenos Aires, Argentina

In today's world, trade frictions between major economies are growing, international cooperation is under threats of increasing uncertainties. Facing with the rising nationalism and protectionism, what consensus and values should we seek to establish in addressing global problems?
The session was developed in partnership with University of Tres de Febrero.
Speakers: Jorge Faurie, Henrique Meirelles, Eduardo Amadeo, Sherpa Carolina Castro.

OCT 2018

Financial Opening-up: The Engine of New Reformation

October 11, 2018 Bali Island, Indonesia

The session stressed on the issues of financial opening-up, integration, innovation and reformation. What makes the current wave of opening up different from previous efforts? How do international financial institutions involve in, benefit from and contribute to China’s economic restructuring?
Speakers: Yi Gang, Paul Chan Mo-po, Veerathai Santiprabhob, Takehiko Nakao.

OCT 2018

Chinese Investment and Australia

October 8, 2018 Sydney, Australia

The China-Australia economic relationship continues to grow in a period of adjustment to lower commodity prices and through the liberalization of Chinese markets delivered by ChAFTA. How will China and Australia navigate the Trump administration’s challenge to the global trade regime which anchors the conduct of rules-based multilateral trade?
The session was co-hosted with Australian Financial Review.
Speakers: Michael Stutchbury, Hu Shuli, Andrew Parker.

JUL 2018

Managing Risk for Companies and Countries in an Age of Rising Protectionism

July 24, 2018 Johannesburg, South Africa

With the rapid development of globalization, how should developing countries cope with the rising protectionism? How should emerging economies better integrate into the global financial system?
The session was developed in partnership with Deloitte.

APR 2018

China and the World: Recalibration and Realignment

April 20, 2018 Washington D.C., USA

The panel discussions were held on China’s future reforms and the fate of the global economic system under the context of trade war. How will businesses cope with rising protectionism around the world?

The discussion also includes:
- Global macro financial risks prevention
- Global financial derivative products and innovative models regulations.

JAN 2018

China Reopening

January 24, 2018 Davos, Switzerland

At the juncture of global economic recovery, China's reform and opening up once again ushered in a favorable time window. Looking ahead, how can China innovate in and transform its economy, trade, finance, science and technology to further intensify its opening up so as to create a better market environment and enhance its international competitiveness?


Ministers, Central Bankers and Financial Regulators


VCs, PEs, and Institutional Investors


Global CEOs, Presidents and Chairmans


New Economy Leaders and Pioneers

Insights with Impact

Our Speakers

YI Gang

Governor, People’s Bank of China

ZHOU Xiaochuan

President, China Society for Finance and Banking; Former Governor, People’s Bank of China

Jean-Claude TRICHET

Honorary Chairman, Group of Thirty; Former President, European Central Bank


Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Argentina

Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Spain


Former President of the World Bank

Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State

NAKAO Takehiko

Former President, Asian Development Bank


Governor, Bank of Thailand

JIN Liqun

President, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)