Caixin is a media group dedicated to providing financial and business news through periodicals, online content, mobile apps, conferences, books and TV/video programs. Caixin aims to blaze a trail that helps traditional media prosper in the new media age through integrated multimedia platforms.

The editorial staff at Caixin is well-known for independent thinking and professional practices. They are insiders with a profound understanding of China's economic and social transition. They are sharp observers with a global vision.

Caixin's data service business provides wide range of financial service products, covering macro-economic analysis, industry research and consulting, indices, database services, investment opportunity monitor, financial training and education.

As an industry leader in China, Caixin takes the lead to explore overseas markets and is well positioned to serve global users with the insight, information and news report about China. Caixin offers the English news via a 24/7 website and runs a weekly digital magazine and a bi-monthly print magazine that is distributed in financial centers in the U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore and Zurich. Caixin also produces top grade summits, roundtables and dialogues that bring together political, business and academic leaders from across China and around the world.

About us

Hu Shuli
Publisher, Caixin Media

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Wang Shuo
Chief Editor, Caixin Media

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Zhang Jiwei
Executive Chief Editor, Caixin Media

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Wu Peng
Deputy Chief Editor, Caixin Media

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Ling Huawei
Managing Editor, Caixin Media

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Gao Yu
Executive Deputy Managing Editor, Caixin Media

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Huang Shan
Deputy Managing Editor, Caixin Media

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Li Qing
Deputy Managing Editor, Caixin Media

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Guo Qiong
Deputy Managing Editor, Caixin Media

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Han Wei
Assistant Managing Editor, Caixin Global

Business Team
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Yang Daming
Deputy Publisher, Caixin Media

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Fu Jihong
Deputy Publisher, Caixin Media

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Zhang Lihui
Executive President, Caixin Media

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Gao Erji
Vice President, Caixin Media

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Li Xin
Vice President, Caixin Media
Managing Editor, Caixin Global
Managing Director, Caixin Global

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Kang Weiping
Vice President, Caixin Media

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Du Xiaolei
Vice President, Caixin Media

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Chen Shuo
Vice President, Caixin Media

Public Confidence Committee
To ensure journalistic integrity, Caixin has set up a public confidence committee composed of respected intellectuals and academics entirely independent of Caixin's board of directors and management. The committee has the final say when it comes to setting editorial principles, as well as the power to appoint or dismiss the editor-in-chief.
About us

Wu Jinglian

Chairman of Public Confidence Committee at Caixin Media

Senior Research Fellow for the Development Research Centre of the State Council

About us

Lawrence Henry Summers

Advisor to Public Confidence Committee at Caixin Media

Economist, President Emeritus at Harvard University

About us

Xie Ping

Board Member of Public Confidence Committee at Caixin Media

Professor of the PBC School of Finance at Tsinghua University

About us

Qian Yingyi

Board Member of Public Confidence Committee at Caixin Media

Former Dean of the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University

About us

Xu Hong

Board Member of Public Confidence Committee at Caixin Media

Professor of the School of Journalism and Communication at Peking University

About us

Xiao Meng

Board Member of Public Confidence Committee at Caixin Media

Executive Editor of Comparative Studies Magazine

"One of China's most outspoken media organizations"

The Economist

"A leading Chinese business magazine"

Bloomberg Businessweek

"Influential reformist magazine"

Financial Times

"An intrepid Chinese magazine well known for unusually bold investigations"

The New York Times

"The well-respected Caixin"

The Guardian

"The nation's best-known crusading financial journalist, Caixin Editor-in-Chief Hu Shuli"


News Services
About us
Caixin.com [Chinese Language]

Caixin.com is a must-read for understanding China's financial and business world, with multimedia products that integrate news, opinion and analysis.

It offers high-quality and original content 24/7 from an objective and professional perspective.

About us
Caixinglobal.com [English]

Caixinglobal.com is Caixin's English-language online news portal. It features frequently updated news and analysis, and offers a daily newsletter.

About us
Caixin Insight

The Caixin Insight Group is Caixin's data and intelligence arm. Established in 2015, it provides financial data products to Chinese institutional investors. As a sister company of Caixin Media, Caixin Insight Group focuses on providing Chinese business with financial databases, macroeconomic research, big-data analytics, smart beta indexes and strategy consulting services.

Our clients include global institutional investors, banks, MNCs, public sector institutions, and international businesses entering the China market. We build a bridge for overseas clients to understand China better, and provide a platform for them to expand their reach.

About us
Caixin Weekly [Chinese Language]

As a leading national weekly catering to political, financial, industrial and academic leaders, Caixin Weekly provides unbiased reporting and insightful, in-depth analysis on financial and business news and current affairs, and chronicles China's ongoing process of reform and opening-up.

About us
Caixin - China Economics & Finance [English]

The top English-language magazine covering business and finance in China. It delivers intelligent news reports and editorial features by top local and international journalists and opinion leaders, offering key insights into the market and illuminating key issues in the country today.

About us
China Reform [Chinese Language]

A monthly magazine featuring in-depth political and economic analysis. It enjoys a high reputation among policymakers, business leaders and academics.

Its content includes commentaries on important individuals and events shaping China's transition and recommendations for how policy makers can create a citizen-oriented public agenda that would move China forward.

About us
Comparative Studies [Chinese Language]

Comparative Studies aims to publish articles that will provide Chinese readers with the current thinking on major economic issues as well as the state-of-the-art analytical methods.

In particular, it offers content that compares the experiences of developed, developing and transitional economies and that provides analysis of public issues. It is published bimonthly.

About us
Caixin Video & Audio

Caixin offers a wide range of professional video and audio programs including general news features, interviews and discussions with public figures in business and finance through internal platforms including Caixin.com and Caixin app and external platforms covering Tencent video, iQIYI and YouTube, etc.

Contact Us

Whether you have a comment or suggestion to share, we look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to reach out by emailing hello@caixin.com.

For English subscription inquiries, go to our mall for details or contact Cibil Lu at yutinglu@caixin.com or (8610) 8564 7151.

For more Caixin Insight inquiries, please contact Jasper Liu at jasperliu@caixin.com or +86 (10) 8564 7137.
Data Services
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Data Express

Data Express, embedded into Caixin mobile app, is a cutting-edge financial data terminal providing financial and business information based on massive database, big data analysis and presentation technology to improve information acquisition efficiency.

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Opportunity Monitor

Opportunity Monitor is a global targets database, providing pre-transaction intelligence and trustworthy transaction information to users. It helps Chinese investors capture investment opportunities ahead of the market and facilitate the transaction.

About us
Caixin Index Business

Caixin utilizes the power of big data to analyze and to build functions and provides series index-based structured research tools and investment strategies.

Caixin index business includes Caixin PMI, New Economy Index, China Climate Risk Index, Caixin ESG Index, China Commodity Index and Smart Beta.

About us
Caixin PMI

The Caixin China General Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI), sponsored by Caixin and compiled by international information and data analytics provider IHS Markit, is closely watched by investors as one of the first available indicators every month of the strength of the Chinese economy.

The report is based on data compiled from monthly replies to questionnaires sent to purchasing executives in over 500 manufacturing companies. Survey responses reflect the change, if any, in the current month compared to the previous month based on data collected mid-month.

About us
Smart Beta

In 2017, Caixin Insight established a joint venture with a leading smart beta methodology provider Rayliant Co., and co-launched a series of smart beta research on A shares.

Premia CSI Caixin China Bedrock Economy ETF and Premia CSI Caixin China New onomy ETF, the two ETFS derived from smart beta indexes developed by Caixin Rayliant, were released in 2018.

Contact Us

For Project and Cooperation inquiries, please contact:

Ms. Ruan at weijiaruan@caixin.comor (8621) 3383 0502-820

Ms. Jiao at yangjiao@caixin.com or (8610) 8564 7130

Ms. Peng at pengxue@caixin.com or (8627) 5971 6914
Caixin Conferences
The Caixin Summit Series is composed of high-level events Caixin holds regularly at home and abroad, including the Caixin Summit, Caixin international roundtables, and domestic forums. The Caixin Summit Series not only brings together top-level decision-makers and opinion leaders for critical discussions about the Chinese economy and finance, but also functions as a data-and research-based powerhouse of thoughts and ideas that helps shape communications between China and the world.
About us

Caixin Summit

Caixin Media's flagship event

- Held in Beijing in Autumn and in Hong Kong in June every year
- Each summit is at least two days with over 1,000 attendees
- Feature both open-forum and closed-door sessions
- Attendees include global leaders and decision-makers from politics, business, finance, and academia

About us

Regional Forum

Domestic forums focusing on regional development

- Different forums each year in key regions, such as the Yangtze River Delta and China's Greater Bay Area
- Each forum is a one-day meeting, including a high-level closed-door session
- Attendees include regional politicians and business leaders

About us

Global Roundtable

Held alongside international multilateral summits for critical discussions about China's economy and finance

- Roundtables are held alongside key international summits, such as the World Economic Forum in Davos, BRICS summits, APEC summits, G20 summits, and the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank
- Each roundtable is a half-day meeting with both open and closed-door sessions
- Speakers and attendees include China's economic and financial officials and business leaders and their global counterparts

* If you are interested in the Caixin Membership Program, please contact Tang Cheng, our conference editor, for more details.
Roundtable Calendar
About us
Caixin Summit HK
"Building a Shared Future"

June 10, 2019 Hong Kong

Caixin Media TV Debate
"Identifying Effective Strategies For The Chinese Consumer Market"

June 7, 2019 St Petersburg

About us
About us
Tokyo Roundtable
"Fueling Global Growth: Trade, Investment and Financial Cooperation in Asia"

May 27, 2019 Tokyo

Caixin Roundtable
"Bridging China-European Union Market"

May 23, 2019 Madrid

About us
About us
Insight Session at the 49th St. Gallen Symposium
"Capital for China's Brave New Economy"

May 15,2019 St. Gallen

Caixin Roundtable
"Renewing Multilateralism to Face Fresh Challenges"

April 10, 2019 Washington D.C.

About us
About us
Caixin Breakfast Davos
"Are We Heading to a De-coupling World?"

January 23, 2019 Davos-Klosters

CEO Luncheon
"Resilience and Optimism"

January 22, 2019 Davos-Klosters

About us
About us
Caixin Roundtable DLD
"FinTech: Trends and Boundaries"

January 17, 2019 Munich

Caixin Roundtable
"China-U.S. Economic Relations"

December 10, 2018 New York

About us
About us
G20 Summit Caixin Roundtable
"Refining Global Governance: New Challenges, New Responsoes"

December 3, 2018 Buenos Aires

The 9th Caixin Summit
"Global Challenges, Global Solutions"

November 17, 2018 Beijing

About us
About us
IMF&WB Annual Meeting Caixin Roundtable
"Financial Opening-up:The Engine of New Reformation"

October 11, 2018 Bali

Caixin Roundtable
"China Investment and Australia Forum"

October 8, 2018 Sydney

About us
About us
BRICS Summit Caixin Roundtable
"Managing Risk for Compan ies and Countries in an Age of Rising Protectionism"

July 24, 2018 Johannesburg

Caixin Summit HK
"Shared Opportunities in a New Era of Opening"

June 8, 2018 Hong Kong

About us
About us
SPIEF Caixin Roundtable
"New Platforms for Cooperation between China and Russia: Prospects for Development"

May 24-26, 2018 St. Petersburg

Caixin Roundtable
"China and the World: Recalibration and Realignment"

Apirl 20, 2018 Washington, D.C.

About us
The establishment of Caixin Media


Caixin Weekly, Comparative Studies and China Reform started publication

Caixin's website and mobile apps were launched

The 1st Caixin summit was held in Beijing


Caixin Weekly (English Edition) started publication


The daily page view of Caixin website exceeded 100 million

Caixin Data Visualization Lab was set up


The establishment of Caixin Video & Audio


Acquired the controlling stakes of a leading Chinese financial database provider CCXE

Caixin insight, Caixin's think tank, was launched

Taken over sponsership of China PMI from HSBC and named it Caixin PMI


Caixin Global was incorporated in HK


Officially rolled out the paid subscription model

Established a joint venture with Rayliant Co., and co-launched a series of smart beta indices in China


Acquired financial information database operators CEIC and EMIS, together with CITIC Capital